Who are Pedorthists?

Pedorthics in Australia evolved from the field of surgical or orthopaedic boot making [1]. All footwear was historically crafted by trained bootmakers/shoemakers [1]. When footwear manufacture moved into larger-scale industrial settings, the generalist bootmaker transitioned to work in shoe factories, shoe repair services or retail shops [1]. The specialist maker continued to produce custom-made footwear […]

Pedorthics-related Research in Australia

Pedorthic research in Australia is a small but growing field of exploration. Australian pedorthists are increasingly contributing to the health care knowledge-base through collaboration with local and international researchers and undertaking their own projects. Robust health research within an Australian context benefits the community, health care system and the pedorthic profession. Below are some examples […]

About Pedorthics

Many people put on their shoes and socks and get on with their day without really thinking about it. However, pain, injury, illness or disability can make it challenging to get ready in the morning, move around, or do what we want to do. We rely on our feet. Our feet comprise many bones, joints, […]