Pedorthic Certification

The PAA performs certification in pedorthics through a program that recognises individuals with appropriate qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience to provide safe and high-quality pedorthic services. Certification in pedorthics is awarded to individuals in recognition of their education, training, competency, and agreement to comply with the PAA Code of Ethics and Standards and work within their Scope of Practice. PAA certified practitioners have met initial criteria set by the Association and continue to satisfy ongoing requirements that are reviewed annually during certification renewal.
Certification is available at two levels to cover the types of provision of service and advice and is as follows:

  • Certified Pedorthic Retailer (CRetPed Au): for individuals who provide advice and prefabricated footwear for patients.
  • Certified Pedorthist Custom Maker (CPedCM Au): for individuals who provide a full service to the client including advice on the possibilities of prefabricated, modified, and custom-made pedorthic footwear.

An independent PAA subcommittee, the Australian Pedorthists Registration Board (APRB) Committee, manages certification and re-certification of pedorthic practitioners. The APRB Committee ensures that certified pedorthists are accountable to the highest standards of practice through registration, regulation and monitoring of continuous improvement.

The APRB Committee certification process involves evaluating and validating an individual’s education and training, evidence of their competency to provide appropriate pedorthic services, and the maintenance and continuing development of relevant professional knowledge and skills. As part of the certification process, applicants are invited to attend an interview with the APRB Committee Certification Panel and present a case study and work sample. The Certification Panel usually comprises a certified pedorthist, medical specialist and a representative from the APRB Committee.

Certification panels are usually arranged when a minimum of three applications have been received and are generally held twice each year. A person seeking urgent certification may request that a panel be arranged specifically for them as an individual applicant.

Reasons for an expedited panel interview may include the following:

  • Certification is required for an individual to commence employment;
  • Certification is needed to provide a service for a third-party purchaser;
  • The applicant is likely to experience financial disadvantage.

Panel Fees*

Standard Panel (minimum 3 applicants)

Individual Panel

*Please note that panel fees are non-refundable and only cover the panel process. Additional application and registration fees are payable upon a successful membership application. Information about membership fees can be found here.

Apply for Certified Membership

To become a certified pedorthic practitioner in Australia, you must apply and meet the requirements to become a certified member of the PAA.