Pedorthic Certification

To be able to practice within the Australian health care system, you are required to be certified and registered with the Australian Pedorthists Registration Board.

There are currently two pathways to pedorthic certification in Australia.

  1. If you are new to Pedorthics, you will need to complete the Bachelor of Pedorthics course at Southern Cross University.
  2. If you have already completed vocational training in footwear and Pedorthics, and possess years of work experience in the field, you can enter the APRB Register using the pre-certification program.
APRB Website

Certification Levels

As part of the process of improving the professionalism of Pedorthics, the PAA has developed a certification process for individuals that provide pedorthic services and products.

Certification is available at two levels to cover the types of provision of service and advice and is as follows:

  • CRetPed Au: for individuals who provide advice and ┬áprefabricated footwear for patients.
  • CPedCM Au: for individuals who provide a full service to the client including advice on the possibilities of ┬áprefabricated, modified, and custom-made pedorthic footwear.

You can find out more about Pedorthics, the certification levels, and the APRB by clicking below.

What is Pedorthics

Benefits of Certification

  • Independent recognition of the competency of pedorthists.
  • Improving the confidence of the public, including doctors, government and medical insurance companies in the pedorthic field.
  • Publication of all levels of Certified Pedorthists on the Australian Pedorthists Registration Board.