Pedorthic Association of Australia
Code of Ethics

All Members of the Pedorthic Association of Australia (PAA) have an obligation to improve the standing of their profession by observing the following Code of Ethics. Compliance with the Code is a condition of continuing membership.

  • Possess the qualities of honesty, integrity, loyalty, and reliability
  • Use professional communication with clients, colleagues, partners, and stakeholders
  • Value and respect clients’ rights to be self-directed in their decision-making in accordance with their own needs, values, and available resources
  • Value and respect clients’ rights to be treated with respect and dignity within a safe and non-judgmental environment
  • Ensure confidentiality and privacy of personal information
  • Recognise and manage issues related to conflict of interest
  • Maintain a standard of professional competency to provide high quality service
  • Abide by legislative requirements and codes of ethics established by other organisations to which the member has obligations (e.g., employer, facility)
  • Contribute to interdisciplinary collaboration and development of partnerships to advance the pedorthic outcomes of the population served
  • Understand and manage ethical implications involved in all practice domains, including research
  • Participate in continuing professional development throughout their career and apply new knowledge and skills to their professional work which is based on best available evidence
  • Promote the profession as a whole to the public, other professional organisations, and government at local, state, and federal level in an ethical manner
  • Contribute to the development and/or dissemination of professional knowledge
  • Remain knowledgeable and familiar with all position papers and professional standards of the profession as published by The Pedorthics Association of Australia.

You can access the PAA Code of Ethics and Standards here.