PAA Certified Practitioners

PAA certified practitioners are qualified pedorthists certified and registered by the PAA who have demonstrated sufficient knowledge, skills, and experience to provide competent, safe, and high-quality pedorthic services. A PAA subcommittee, the Australian Pedorthists Registration Board (APRB) Committee, manages the certification of pedorthists.  

There are three levels of PAA certified pedorthists in Australia: 

  • Certified Pedorthic Retailer (CRetPed Au) 
  • Certified Pedorthist (CPed Au)
  • Certified Pedorthist Custom Maker (CPedCM Au)

A PAA certified practitioner member is identified by the PAA certified member logo and can be located using the Find a Certified Pedorthist search function.  

The PAA Criteria for Certification in Pedorthics outlines the requirements for certification of pedorthists in Australia. The criteria form the framework for credentialling pedorthists and are used by the APRB Committee to evaluate and validate pedorthists’ suitability to provide pedorthic services.

The PAA selfregulates the pedorthic profession through established policies, standards, codes, and criteria voluntarily upheld by certified practitioners. PAA standards and codes guide consumers, employers, referrers and health practitioners regarding expectations of a pedorthist practising in Australia.

Codes and standards upheld by certified pedorthists include:

Code of Ethics and Standards

The PAA Code of Ethics and Standards outlines the professional conduct expected of a certified pedorthist in Australia.

Competency Standards

The Competency Standards for Australian Professional Pedorthists describe the attributes a certified pedorthist at the Certified Pedorthist Custom Maker (CPedCM Au) level must demonstrate to be eligible to practise in Australia.

Scope of Practice

The PAA Scope of Practice describes the core roles, activities, practice settings and guiding frameworks for pedorthists practising in Australia.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

All certified practitioners must engage in ongoing professional development and meet annual CPD requirements to maintain certification. The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Certified Pedorthists guideline for professional development activities to preserve existing competency and develop additional knowledge and skills. 

Breaches and Complaints

There are policies and procedures for breaches of PAA standards or codes. If you have concerns regarding a certified practitioner’s conduct or believe that a PAA certified practitioner may have breached any of our standards or codes, please contact us.

You can notify the PAA using our contact form, send an email to or write to us at the address on the bottom of this website page.