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The Pedorthic Association Australia recommends the following publications which are available to purchase from our online shop. Follow the link to purchase.

Contemporary Pedorthics

Authors: Wayne Decker, C. Ped. and Stephen Albert, DPM, C. Ped.

Publication date: 2002

ISBN: 1587830191

Description: Soft cover, 330 pages.

Information: This book is required reading for Pedorthic students enrolled in the Southern Cross University Pedorthic bachelor program. The book introduces you to biomechanical concepts, assessments of gait and foot pathology and what a Pedorthist can do to help.  It gives a good introduction to Pedorthic treatment options and links pathologies with pedorthic modalities very well.

Price: $250.00 Members, $275.00 non-Members (includes postage)

Pedorthics: Foot disorders, foot orthoses, footware

Authors: René Baumgartner, Michael Moeller, Hartmut Stinus

Publication date: 2016

ISBN: 9783875170504

Description: 350 Pages, including a 18-page glossary, more than 1000 figures.

Information: The textbook Pedorthics: Foot disorders – foot orthoses – footwear provides a comprehensive presentation of Pedorthics as it exists today. Three experts from the fields of orthopedics and pedorthics have teamed up for this. With the help of recognised specialists, they created a work which covers all aspects essential to providing pedorthic care of the foot using the most modern techniques and technologies – from the medical basics on the relevant diseases up to and including the individual fabrication of lower limb orthotics.

The book’s clear structure, more than 1,000 color illustrations and comprehensive presentation make it an ideal companion for training and daily practice. It is not merely practitioners and apprentices who will find answers and assistance in providing patients with pedorthic treatment in this book. Anyone involved in the prescription of orthopedic aids or who deals with the problems associated with pedorthic foot care will appreciate the book as an ideal reference. It provides all the essential information on diseases, medical treatment strategies and pedorthic care in concentrated form.

Price: $250.00 Members, $275.00 non-Members

Pedorthic Footware: Assessment and Treatment

Editors: Postema, Klass; Schott, Karl-Heinz; Janisse, Dennis; Rommers, Gerardus, M.

Publisher: Berjalan

Publication date: 2018

Description: Hard cover. 578 pages and more than 550 illustrations and 33 tables.There is a website application with different videos. The videos are free to use for educational purposes. There is also a page with some errata.

Information: The editorial board is chaired by Klaas Postema and the members are Karl-Heinz Schott, Dennis Janisse en Clemens Rommers. The editors all have a longstanding professional experience in pedorthics as medical specialist and pedorthist.

In total 54 authors from seven different countries. Most authors are practicing medical specialist, podiatrist, pedorthist, movement scientist, engineer or physiotherapist.

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