Neuropathic Limb Care: A Practical Guide to Procedures for Reducing Disabilities and Amputations


Author: Grace Warren with Sydney Nade

Publication date: 2018 by Honeysett Press

ISBN: 1876158107, 9781876158101

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Information: This book is a distillation of the authors’ knowledge, gathered from over 60 years experience of treating patients with neuropathic limbs. It is a concise and clearly written book, which brings together many aspects of the care of the neuropathic limb and provides a practical guide to optimal treatment of patients with multiple neurological problems from many causes. Neuropathic Limb Care will be an invaluable aid to patient self help and medical personnel managing patients with diabetes and familial and traumatic neuropathy, as well as leprosy sufferers in developing countries, who were the patients these simple yet effective medical programs were developed to aid.

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