Certified Pedorthist Custom Makers now recognised as Allied Health Professionals

A milestone in the recognition of Pedorthics in Australia has been reached with the Pedorthic Association of Australia (PAA) fulfilling all criteria and being accepted as an Ordinary Member of Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA). This approval grants Certified Pedorthist Custom Makers the status of Allied Health Professionals.

The PAA is dedicated to raising the profile of pedorthics and committed to strengthening the voice of allied health in Australia. Upgrading to ordinary membership of AHPA cements the place of pedorthics within allied health and provides a broader platform from which to connect with community, industry, and the health, aged care, disability and education sectors, and advocate for our members, patients, practitioners and colleagues.

Achieving ordinary membership of AHPA is part of a comprehensive strategy developed by the PAA to advance pedorthics nationwide to ensure the Australian public has greater access to the much needed skills and services offered by pedorthic practitioners.