Do you like problem solving, working with your hands and helping people? Are you looking for a career in improving human movement, particularly gait and better foot function? If you answered yes, then the growing profession of Pedorthics is for you!

Southern Cross University offers a 3-year Bachelor of Pedorthics, the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

The course is also offered as a double-degree for qualified podiatrists and podiatry students, requiring only one additional year of full-time study to attain a qualification as an accredited Pedorthist.

Hands-on career in the health industry

Add an edge to your career in foot health

Clare Nelson Pedorthist

A pedorthist is a health care specialist that utilises and manufactures corrective & accommodative footwear, orthoses, or other supportive devices to address conditions affecting the foot and mobility.

Pedorthists may carry out their own assessment services, utilising gait analysis, plantar pressure mapping, casting, 3D-scanning and various other tools to determine a treatment plan and supply pedorthic footwear and orthoses for their patients.

A career in the pedorthic profession can open you up to a wide range of opportunities, by working in private practice or in conjunction with other allied health practices, providing footwear advice and mobility aids in diabetes care, paediatrics, sporting, disability health services and so much more.

So if you’re looking to start an exciting and evolving career in allied health, or if you want to add an edge to your existing career in foot health, then take the leap and start your career as an accredited pedorthist.


To find out how to apply, click on the link to SCU’s Bachelor of Pedorthics course overview.


For more information on starting your career as a Pedorthist, contact the Pedorthic Association of Australia by commenting below, or emailing us directly here.